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You must check with the FAA to obtain approval to fly. It’s possible you may qualify for either a special airworthiness certificate or an exemption(s) from specific aviation regulations.

Experimental certificates, special flight permits, and restricted category airworthiness certificates are some of the types of special airworthiness certificates that have been issued to UAS. Under Order 8130.34C, the FAA issues experimental certificates to UAS for the purposes of research and development, crew training, and market survey. The FAA also issues special flight permits to UAS for the purpose of production flight testing. A limited number of restricted category airworthiness certificates have been issued to UAS that have been type certified in the restricted category for special purpose operations.

In addition, in May 2014, the FAA announced that it would consider granting exemptions based on the authority granted under Section 333 of the FAA’s Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, for certain low-risk commercial applications such as precision agriculture, power line inspections, and movie production.

If you are issued any of the above certifications or granted applicable exemptions, and you have applied for and received a Certificate of Authorization or Waiver (COA), you may fly.

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